You will have plenty!

Bro. D.G.S Dhinakaran
29 Jul
How is your condition today? Are you poverty stricken? If it is true that you have committed your life to Christ, fall at His feet and confess your sins when circumstances arise wherein a big family has to be maintained with a small salary or when you lament saying, “How will I take care of my child?”. He will never forsake you when you tearfully plead with Him to help you to live a devout life. Keep your small salary at the feet of God every month and pray, “Lord, 2000 years ago, they gave 7 loaves and a few small fish into Your hands; did You not use them to satisfy the hunger of more than 4000 people? There are these many members in my family. I give this small amount into Your hands. Please bless this. I will give a part of this amount as an offering to You.” Experience and see for yourself how your hearts will rejoice when He listens to your prayer and grants blessings to you

In the year 1956, I took up a job for the first time as an untrained teacher. My salary at that time was just Rs.89/-. When I received my salary, I thought within myself that I was a big landlord in this world. I was so proud of it and took it to my father. He took it in his hands and said, “it is ok, we can use this amount to purchase rice.” I thought, “I am so proud of my 89 rupees but my father says, ‘It is only this much?’”  I would tearfully cry out, “Lord, liberate us from this poverty.” Many are the days in which I had lamented, “When will I complete my studies? When will I secure a job and start earning? When will I help my father?” But that day my father taught me a very good lesson. He said to me, “First of all, take 9 rupees from the 89 you have received and give it to the Lord, for His ministry.” I immediately did what he said and there has been no lack in my life due to that. I have been continuously doing this, all these years according to my father’s command. I give to the Lord what is due unto Him as soon as I receive my salary (Malachi 3:10).
The One who touched the bread in the hands of Jesus and broke it to bless it 2000 years ago, will He not likewise help you? He will surely help you. Do not worry. However little be the income you receive, give one-tenth of it into the hands of Christ Jesus and say, “Lord! This is for Your ministry. I give this to You for the gospel to be proclaimed amongst people who do not know You.” Then, you will see how the Lord blesses you and lifts you up. God says, " Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap” (Luke 6:38). You can trust God to do just as He says. You will overflow with blessings.
Loving Lord,

I surrender my salary into Your hands. Multiply the little I have and make it more than enough for all of us. Let me never lack anything. Let me lend and never borrow. Make me a generous giver.

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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