Stella dhinakaran

Trust In God Strengthens Us To Stay Strong In Afflictions

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
09 Jan
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
When you have everything going well in your life, you are thankful to the Lord. You rejoice because you feel all your prayers are answered. But, when suddenly you face a troubling situation, your countenance falls. You’re no longer happy and for that matter, forget about God.  Therefore, bible encourages us to: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”( Romans 12:12)

The whole of bible holds records of incidents, where men and women have not stopped praising and thanking the Lord, even in their time of affliction. Let me start by talking about Job. Job was a very wealthy man living in the land of Uz, with his family and extensive flocks. He was blameless and an upright man, always mindful of the ways of the Lord. But one fine day, he started losing all that he had; his children, his flocks, all his wealth. And not only this, he was covered with sores all over his body. Finally his wife left him too. Even in this critical time of his life, he remained faithful to the Lord.  Do you know what kept him so truthful to the Lord? It was his trust in God. That’s the reason he happily bore everything that befell him. He said, “God has given, He has taken, may His name be praised”. (Job 1:21)
Not only him, we read about David, the man of God, he too strengthened himself in the Lord, when his own people turned against him (1 Samuel 30:6). Same with Apostle Paul, though he faced affliction and hardships in his ministry, yet he completed his race, the task that he was assigned by Lord Jesus (Acts 20:24). His hope was in God alone and having his trust in Jesus, he got the strength to finish his race.

Also, when you read about Peter, you’ll be encouraged even more. When he was bound in chains and put in prison. He was relaxed and slept without any burden. While he was yet sleeping, an angel of God woke him up and told him to “ Arise quickly”, the chains fell off and he was free.( Acts 12:7)

So, my dear sisters, these brave and courageous men held on to their faith in God. They never complained about their struggles, their pain but rather happily lived life with all the sufferings. Even in this situation, they kept praising and thanking the Lord. Do you have such kind of attitude, when you are surrounded by affliction? Or  Do you easily give up your prayer life when your prayers are not answered? If the answer is yes, then today, I want to encourage you. Start thanking the Lord even in your troubling situation. If God is answering your prayers today, He will answer you even tomorrow. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. You just need to have a strong faith in Jesus. Continue to praise and worship Him and see the bad situation turn to good.
Loving God,
Forgive me for I have had a complaining nature. I know you will not leave me in my struggles and pain. Help me to bear all that I go through, with utmost faith in you. I want to thank you and praise you for all your goodness. It’s by your might alone, that I will be victorious in my life.
In Jesus’ most precious name I pray.

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