Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Strengthened by God

Samuel Dhinakaran
12 Sep
Dear friend, God has a beautiful promise for you today, which is from Zechariah 10:12, “I will strengthen them in the LORD and in his name they will live securely,” declares the LORD.” This is what God is going to do. What a beautiful promise! Claim this for your children, husband and for your family members who don’t know the joy of the Lord and have not tasted Him. Tell the Lord, “Lord please show Yourself to me and my family.”

Your walk might not be fully with the Lord but today you can pray saying, “I am not completely holy in You Lord. I want to be one with You. Remove my faults. All my family members are only connected with You in a shallow level. Please take away all the distractions in their life too.” There was a man who did not know the Lord. His wife said, “Please come and atleast drop us in the Jesus Calls meeting.” As the wife and children joined the meeting, the husband stayed back in the parking lot.
As the wife was praying for the husband’s salvation, suddenly my father, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called his name and showed his situation which my father revealed and the man was shocked. He was wondering how it could be possible for God to call his name amidst the multitudes gathered. He then joined the prayer the next three days and came to the stage on the final day and testified how the Lord has transformed his life and filled him with joy. Your family members will know the joy of the Lord in the same way. God will strengthen your walk and their walk with the Lord.  Are you ready to receive this promise today? Pray and claim this blessing.
Loving Father,

Please look at my situation. Help me rectify all the things that are separating my relationship with You. Wherever I am slipping, help me to change myself in that area and strengthen my walk with You. Make my heart to be one with You and do the same for my loved ones. Let my heart be full of the joy of salvation. Call me closer to Your side and fulfill this promise in my life.

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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