Paul Dhinakaran

Jesus, the good portion

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
06 Jan
Dear friend, today’s blessing promise is from Psalm 142:5, “I cry to you, LORD; I say, "You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” Yes, the Lord is our portion. If you read Psalm 119:57, the psalmist says again, “You are my portion, LORD; I have promised to obey your words.” Even today let us say, “Lord, the world is not my portion. This world’s luxury, lust, life and everything that the world offers is not my portion. You are my portion.” When Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, hearing His words, Jesus said, “Mary, you have chosen the good part, the good portion which will never be taken away from you.”

You too have chosen Jesus, the Word who is Jesus. That portion will never be taken away from you. Even today, let us say, “Lord, I need You. You will be my portion, the full portion in my life.” Secondly, when do we have the Lord as our portion? As the Psalmist says, “Lord, I have promised to obey Your words, “ when we obey God’s word and fulfill whatever He shows us every morning and leads us to do according to His will, for His glory, then we acknowledge that God is our portion. Jesus is our portion so let’s read God’s Word and be led by Him. We should do His will no matter what then God will be our portion.
Thirdly, as in Psalm 142:5 where the Psalmist says, “I cry to You Lord” or as in another translation which says, “I pray to You Lord”, when we pray to the Lord we are announcing that God is our portion. We should just open our hearts and put our trust on no one else than God then God becomes our portion. When God becomes our portion He places us in the land of the living and becomes our refuge. He protects us. Evil might come, wickedness might come, treachery might come, the financial tribulations might come, sicknesses might come but God will be our refuge and make sure that they do not harm us in any way rather make us testimonies of His grace. They can never penetrate through the refuge called Jesus Christ.  They can never touch us. God will put us in the land of the living and make us enjoy life. Everything we do will prosper. May God give you that grace.
Loving Father,

Be my portion. Be my only portion. Be my full portion. Help me to read Your word and hear Your voice and cry and pray to You. Be my refuge and my life. Make everything prosper for me today. Thank You for doing it Lord. 

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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