Stella dhinakaran

God’s Love revealed on the Cross

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
10 Apr
The divine love of our Saviour Jesus Christ was revealed on the Cross with His sacrificial love. He created a way for sinners to repent and be gathered in the kingdom of Heaven through the cross. He was crushed in His body for our transgressions and iniquities. The punishment for our peace was upon Him. And by His stripes we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5).

As you are distressed with the agony of your sickness.  Just look up to the cross and reverentially humble yourself and pray saying. “oh Lord, you gave yourself up for me to be crushed on the cross. Touch and heal my body which is crushed due to disease, heal me according to your word which says, “your stripes we are healed”, Then the love of God will surely be revealed in us. The healing and strength that we need will immediately descend from the cross into our body and set us free.

This is what we keep meditating upon on each ‘Good Friday’. He will wipe away all our tears and remove all our uneasiness when we think about the sacrifice and love of the Lord each day. Humble ourselves before Him and submit us by kneeling down at His feet saying. As you gave yourself for me, I dedicate myself to you. His love will turn our life upside down.
A woman who was isolated by her family members because of her sickness she was feeling helpless due to her loneliness. She was distressed saying. “How will I live as I have no money? no materialistic things and no health in my body?” One day, when she picked her Bible up and read it reverentially. The above mentioned Bible verse spoke with her. She firmly clung onto the feet of the Lord from that day forward as she thought”, The Lord Jesus who sacrificed so much for me is there for me. Why should I worry?” The Lord listens to prayers. Doesn’t He? She received complete healing as the days went by. She even got a job. She was blessed in a high manner. Thou, everyone who for seek her came in search of her. She did not hate or reject those deceptive people but rather She helped them within her ability and showed her love as she was filled with the love of Christ.

Yes, Beloved, Are you troubled thinking, “I am not able to go out in this present situation. I am lonely,my financial situation is very bad  due to unemployment. There is no one to help me” When we look up to the act of love fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross and make supplication, He will surely listen to all your supplications. That is the reason why many humble themselves and fast for forty days during this lent season. But some do not know about the real meaning of it. What is the use of meditating on the seven words spoken on the cross by Jesus just for today but not following them in our lives? Beloved, think about the sacrifices of the Lord on the Cross and likewise commit you completely for Him. Then the sacrificial love which was revealed through Him on the cross will bring about the best blessings in your life.
Our wonderful Father,

Thank you for patiently bearing the pain and mockery for me on the Cross. Today, my heart is broken due to the various agonies I go through. Please forgive my sins and presumptuous treacheries that I have committed against you. Please do look upon me and my family. Let your overwhelming love descent upon us in a limitless manner. Deliver us from sufferings and bondages and save us. Let your divine grace. joy and peace abound in me and my family.

In Jesus name I pray loving Father,


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