Stella dhinakaran

Believe To Receive

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
20 Dec
Divine and indomitable faith will be yours if you look up to the Lord at all times and pour out your heart to Him.  Further, faith increases as you read and hear the Word of God.  Faith stabilises you to receive your miracle.  Then, your belief on Him would bring the desires of your heart to pass according to the promise verse “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23). Yes, He will bless and perfect everything concerning you. Today, people lose heart even for simple problems and troubles. Beloved, do not lose your hope because whatever things you ask in prayer, believe, you will receive (Matthew 21:22).
A young woman started preparing for the marathon race. During the training, her husband remained with her, encouraged her saying, “There is only a little distance to run to win the prize! Keep running! It’s possible for you! It’s possible for you!” He kept saying this again and again. Finally, the day for the race came. She got ready to run. After running some distance, she suddenly developed cramps in her legs. She thought that she would not be able to take one more step and felt heart-broken. Suddenly, her dear husband’s words started ringing in her ears, “Only a little distance to run and win the prize! It’s possible for you! It’s possible for you!” A new strength filled her. She ran fast and won the prize.
Dearly beloved, this is faith.  Her husband’s words instilled hope in her to reach the goal.  Likewise, in your life too, listen and read encouraging and edifying words. Then, you will win the race of life. Word of God is the best source for good words.  So, read the Bible every day.  The Lord would speak to you.  His voice would be deposited in your heart.  It will take you to glorious heights and resurrect every portion of life that is dead!
Loving Lord,

this life on the earth is a race to run and win the prize.  Many are the troubles and hurdles in it. From today onwards, give me the strength to read and also to hear Your encouraging words and be strengthened by them. Help me to grow in faith and to receive Your abundant blessings. In the blessed name of our Lord Jesus’ I pray,


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