Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Receive The Divine Peace

Samuel Dhinakaran
19 Jan
At times, even the most affluent people, will complain of a lack in their life. You might wonder, after all what is it that they still need! It is ‘peace’. You and I, can receive this richest treasure as God promises to give His own peace to us . Whatever problem or storm you face in your life, today it will leave you, as Jesus fills you with His peace. The only source for this divine peace is Jesus our Savior.

Once there was a king, the king was eating rice with honey. While he was eating, a drop of honey spilled on the table, and the king's advisor asked the king whether to wipe away that honey. For this the king replied that it is not their work, let a maid be called and let her clean it. As he continued to eat, a housefly came to eat that honey, followed by it garden lizard, cat and the dog. Finally the dog started to chase the cat, the advisor asked the king whether to do something as the cat and dog were turning ferocious. But the king repeated the same, “it's not our work”. In the midst of this, the owner of the cat and the dog quarreled with each other. Then the advisor asked the king that whether to stop the fight between them. Soon the relatives and friends of the owners of the the cat and dog began to fight. Then the soldiers began to fight, it finally became like a civil war. It ended in a big war and the palace turned into a battle ground.

As the king left that honey drop carelessly and it ended in a big war. Likewise satan is always on a look out to tap on your carelessness in life. Then he gains entry into your life, by robbing your peace and giving you thoughts of worry, depression and tries to pull you away from the love of God. But Jesus promises to give you peace, not which the world gives, but His own peace (John 14:27). When you receive this divine peace, you will be calm in times of troubling situation. This also displays your faith in the Lord, who will not only deliver you out of that situation but grant you victory. So, lead a watchful life and let the peace of Jesus reign in your lives.
Loving Jesus, I humbly come before You and place all my worries. Only You can set me free and grant me Your peace. Help me to lead a cautious life and follow Your holy commandments. May I always hold onto to Your unfailing promises even in the midst of troubling situation.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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