You will witness wonders

Stella Ramola
22 Feb
Dear friend, it is such a joy to bring God’s word to you which is from Micah 7:15 where God says, “I will show them my wonders.” Yes, today God is going to show you wonders. You are going to see miracles happen in your life. You might be saying, “Everything feels stuck in my life. There are lot of obstacles in my life. It feels like nobody can help me. It feels like there is no hope for me.” But my friend, as we see in the promise verse, God is going to show you wonders.

When we see in the Bible in Acts 5, we see the incidents that happened when Peter was going to different cities to share the gospel. We read how people would line up in the streets and lie on the streets so that his shadow might fall on them. People who were sick, those who were tormented by demonic oppression and those who had no hope would gather around him. They would wait to be touched atleast by his shadow so that they would receive their miracle. Just as they believed God healed all of them and all of them were delivered.
We also see in Acts 19 about how God did miracles through Paul. People longed for handkerchiefs and aprons touched by Paul so that they could be healed and delivered. Whenever the sick people and those who were tormented touched it they were instantly healed and delivered. Those were the wonders and miracles that God did through Peter and Paul. Friend, it doesn’t just happen in the Bible but it will happen through you. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of God, even the sick will be healed through you. Through your prayers God will do wonders. Yes, not only to the people around you or people you pray for but God will do wonders in your own family. As you pray together and meditate together, God will do miracles and wonders in your family life. All you need to do is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He will make you a blessing and make others see wonders through you.
Loving Lord Jesus,

I see shut doors in my life. I am long awaiting a miracle. Show me wonders. Do a miracle in my life. Heal me and my loved ones. Let people be touched through me. Use me like how you used Peter and Paul. Make a sign of your wonder to this world. Fulfill Your promise to me today. Do wonders through my prayers. Make me a blessing.

In Your precious name, I pray. Amen.

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