You will be rebuilt

Stella Ramola
07 Jun
Dear friend, today God’s Word for you today is from Psalm 102:16, “For the LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory.” Yes, my friend, God is going to rebuild you. Today, you might say that in every aspect of your life, you are broken. Your heart might be broken by the words of people or loneliness or rejection or pain or unprofitable business or failures in life because your not getting through in your exam or not able to do your work well or because you are not able to satisfy your family members, or because you lost peace in your family or you are not having your expectations fulfilled or because you don’t have good health and you might be completely broken that your heart is aching, but as God promises you today, He will rebuild you.

God will rebuild Zion which is the place where God desires to dwell. God loves to dwell in you. You are His Zion. You are the place He loves to dwell in. So He will rebuild you. He will not allow you to be broken as you are now. He will change your circumstances. He will give you a beautiful life. In the Bible, we see how God rebuilt everything that was His. Whenever people went away from God, He allowed them to be broken so He could rebuild them. One such person was David. He sinned against God and God had to take his firstborn. But God blessed him with Solomon who He chose to be the king after David.
Similarly, God built the calling of Peter. He called Peter to carry the cross and fish people. But Peter forgot God’s calling after His death and went back to fishing. You might also have forgotten God’s call because of the hardships you have faced. May be you’re wondering if the anointing and the purpose of God has been taken away from your life. But God’s Word says in Romans 11:29, “God's gifts and his call are irrevocable.” Just like how God restored the joy of salvation in David’s life and called Peter back to shepherd His church, He is calling you and building your life again. So rejoice in this and thank God for His promise.
Loving Father,

You know the brokenness of my heart. Change my brokenness and fill my heart with Your joy. Restore Your anointing in my life. Build my faith, my joy and my calling again and help me to do Your will and may I be the Zion You long to dwell in.

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.


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