You will be a Blessing!

Samuel Dhinakaran
09 Sep
Dearly beloved, let us examine how our Lord blessed Abraham and exalted him. In Genesis 12:2, God said to Abraham "I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing." Today, the Lord says the same thing to you, that He will bless you and make your name great. He will fulfil His word of promise in your life, today. Surely He is going to make your name great and will make you to rise to great height. He will exalt us just as He exalted Abraham. 

My great grandfather was alive a few years after I was born. When I was just two year old, he lost his ability to speak. So, he had a switch in his room, for the bell that alerts the staff to assist him of his need. Every time he rang the bell, I would rush to his room in an excitement before anybody else could. When he finds me, he would be very glad. He then would carry me and place his hand over my head and utter the only sentence that he was able to: "God, bless him!" So every time I enter his room, he'd only say these words. Now, we can imagine how glad our Lord Jesus would be to see us run into His presence. He will carry you just as He carried the little children who came to Him and will embrace you and bless you. God is going to pick you up and bless you with His Hope. You will receive His blessings from His embracing hands and you will witness the Lord making your name great.
The prayers of my great grandfather have greatly worked in my life and are visible for others to witness. God used me when I was just four years old, to glorify His name through singing in a public television which was telecasted throughout India, God filled me with His Holy Spirit when I was twelve years old, He exalted me with the talent of singing and anointed me to share His word to the people. Today, I can realise that I have been blessed because of my great grandfather's prayers. 

So be encouraged, Surely, He will raise you up to greater heights and make your name great just as He promised Abraham. So don't worry about anything, my dear friends. Just ask the Lord for a faithful heart that His blessings will fill you and raise you up. If you have faith that our Lord is able; He will do that for you. The Lord who blessed Abraham will bless you too! Do not worry about anything for this is the last day of your sorrow. The Lord is going to shine His light upon you that you can celebrate His blessings. 
Loving Lord Jesus,

You are the source of all blessings. You have promised to bless me and my family. Fulfill your promise in our life. Open the floodgates of heaven and pour out your blessings on me. Prosper all my efforts and enable me to reap a hundredfold harvest. Exalt me before others. Put a hedge around my house and protect me. Increase me on all sides. May your name be glorified through us. In Your matchless name I pray.

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