Stella dhinakaran

Walk As Children Of Light!

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
10 Apr
Take a moment today and just and ask yourself, “How am I living? Is my life in darkness or is it in the light of the Lord?” For it is written: “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” (Ephesians 5:8). If we boldly live a life of darkness, that is a worldly life full of lusts, then we dwell in darkness. But, as we read in the Bible, let us walk in ways pleasing to the Lord as “Children of Light” by crucifying our lusts and its desires on the cross and become God’s people who belong to Christ. What do we do to persist as God's children? We "always pray and not give up."A (Luke 18:1) .Our act of faith in God is strengthened as we spent time in His presence. Sometimes our requests and petitions take time to be answered but when we endure through our difficult times waiting upon the Lord, we certainly will be rewarded with a great measure. Waiting upon the Lord in prayer leads us to the Light through which we will come to know the greatness of our Lord.   

Two brothers were living in a house. The elder one walked in righteous ways and lived a holy life by guarding himself so that no darkness came near him. He spent much time praying to the Lord and meditating in His words. But the younger one was quite opposite to him. He was surrounded by bad friends and was enslaved to different addictions. He lived a life of darkness full of iniquities and unrighteousness. One day, the police came in search of him as he was involved with a killer gang. The elder brother, as he resembled his younger brother, surrendered himself to the police to save his younger brother, for he was overwhelmed by divine love for his younger brother. This loving deed of the elder brother shattered the heart of the younger brother and brought about a great transformation in him. In the meantime, the police found out the real culprit and released the elder brother. And soon after, the younger brother chose the path of light that his elder brother followed.
Prayers are very rewarding. We will be given a greater anointing, favor and wisdom when we pray. Moreover, God will lead us in the light. The answers from God will comfort us and nourish our lives to its fullest. The elder brother was able to take the blame on himself as he had the attributes of Jesus which he received through being a child of light. He became a channel of conviction. Through the manifestation of Christ's love in the life of the elder brother, the younger brother was set free from his wicked ways. You can also lead numerous people to the truth of Christ.  Yes! Would you also surrender your life to God today? Saying: “From today onwards, I will devotedly surrender myself to live a life of prayer and devotion that is pleasing to the Lord." By this I can surely assure you will walk in the path of light and radiate this light into the lives of others. 
“Loving Savior! You know all the deeds of darkness that are found in my life. Wash me with the consecrated blood You shed on the cross and give me the grace to walk in the path of light You have shown us. I will forever seek you for all that I need and will trust in you. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, O my loving Father, Amen.”

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