Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Unconditional Love

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
05 Oct
Jesus Christ was bruised for our sickness. If you are worried concerning some sickness that is stealing your peace of mind then remember the pain that Jesus Christ bore on the cross at Calvary. There is no sickness that He cannot heal. All that He asks of you is to place your trust on Him – for with Him nothing is impossible. A crown of thorns He endured on His head, a nail on each hand and one joining both his legs and a spear pierced His side. Besides that, earlier He was whipped.

The brutal killing of the Romans is evident from history. They indulged in ruthless, inhuman and beastly activities. Jesus Christ traversed through this path wanting to understand the plight of sickness when it torments a human being. Therefore, He is aware of the agony of His children. He experienced such pain and suffering so that a river of perfect peace may take source in Him and flow to His children who are worried about their sickness.
There is an institute in Chennai where vaccines are prepared for dreaded diseases. The disease germs are initially injected into an animal. That animal is attacked with that particular diseases and it suffers. When it struggles to combat those disease germs, its body produces antibodies to fight the disease germs. The scientists remove these antibodies and thereby find a vaccine to cure the human beings from such dreaded diseases. However, before the actual finding of a vaccine, many animals are affected during the process.

Similarly, Jesus Christ while in the form of flesh and blood bore all the sufferings of mankind on the cross at Calvary to manifest His ‘unconditional love’ that passes all understanding. From Jesus Christ alone proceeds ‘divine peace’ that cleanses the sins and curses of mankind because He alone is the ‘Prince of peace’. He offered Himself as a supreme sacrifice so as to grant us His peace through His suffering. Therefore, when we call upon His name today in truth and in all humility, He comes into us and fills those areas in our lives wherein we lack peace and prospers our souls. He makes us live. Therefore, you have hope in the name of Jesus Christ – He has conquered death and has emerged victorious and is therefore able to grant us victory over death and the fear of death. (Hebrews 2:14, 15)

Perhaps you are tormented with this thought, “Lord! Although I earn quite a sum I have a feeling that it is not sufficient. Whatever I set my hands upon turns out to be an utter failure. I just cannot put an end to this curse on my life.” If you are lamenting thus, then remember that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has already carried all these curses upon Himself. Therefore, He alone can grant you the divine peace which flows because He has already destroyed all the curses on the cross at Calvary (Galatians 3:13).

Jesus Christ has paved a way for us to conquer all curses and lead a peace filled life. On this day, be of good cheer! You can receive divine peace if only you would look at the crucified Christ. He bore all the sufferings to grant us His divine peace. His love is unconditional. We love Him because He first loved us.
Loving Lord Jesus Christ,
When I writhe in pain help me to always remember that You died on the cross at Calvary just for me. Please cleanse all the sins and curses in my life and prosper my soul. I acknowledge that You are the source of perfect peace and that You alone can grant me the divine peace that I am in need of. Fill my soul with Your indescribable joy and grant me the anointing of the Holy Spirit to bear Your yoke that is easy and light.
In Your precious name I pray. Amen.

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