Stella dhinakaran

Trust the Lord at All Times

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
29 Nov
To those undergoing tough situations, this verse may seem a bit contrary but there’s a profound truth hidden in this verse. It implies that we should rejoice in the Lord irrespective of any situation that we face in life. It does not mention that we should rejoice ‘during a certain situation’, as this exhibits our trust in the Lord during unpleasant circumstances. How can one rejoice in the Lord? It is possible only when we have the peace and love of God in us. These are the divine characteristics which can be enjoyed by only those who always abide in the Lord.
A man who trusted the Lord greatly was in a high position, drawing a huge salary. All the members of his family were very proud of him and when the Lord suddenly called him to do His ministry, he along with his young wife, resigned from his job and entered into ministry saying, “Our desire is to obey the Lord only.” The relatives were very angry with them and spoke very contemptuously, saying, “One day you are going to struggle in your life. At that time, do not come to us seeking for help.” But this couple continued to do the ministry of the Lord with all their heart, according to the will of God in the midst of various tribulations. The Lord graciously filled them with His divine power and caused miracles and signs to happen and enabled many souls to come to the Lord. As the ministry began to prosper day by day, the honour from the Lord also continued to increase in their lives. At this stage, those who reproached them through their speech, came seeking them. They accepted them with love and faith, and lived in peace and harmony with all. They also taught them the divine ways of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you trust the Lord, you will be at peace and divine happiness will reign in your life, irrespective of your hard times. So, examine yourselves today and see how your lives are in the presence of the Lord. Strive to seek more of the Lord’s presence so that you can get rid of the shortcomings in your lives. You may ponder on the verses from Isaiah 26:3; Hebrews 12:1 and Romans 5:5 and make them your own experience in your lives.
Loving Saviour! Grant me the strength to fulfill Your will in my life. Let me be filled with peace, love and faith, so that I may live a life that draw all people to You. May I never get perturbed in my darkest hours, for You are in control of everything.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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