Stella dhinakaran

The Lord Never Forsakes His People

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
05 Oct
How greatly the Lord desires that we lead a holy life with great reverence and devotion before Him. He does not forsake those who love justice and righteousness but preserves them. He promises to bless them, protect them and deliver them for all their problems.
There was a family who gave first preference to Christ in their lives and lived a spiritual life. They prayed much in the presence of the Lord and also enquired with many people before getting a suitable bride for their son. But after their marriage, the bride would often go back to her parent’s home and when her husband and his family members asked her, “Tell us the reason and we will set it right”, but she never responded. Instead she would go to her mother’s house and complain against them. Believing her words, her mother gathered many people saying, “We should file a defamation case against this family and put them to shame.” She took relentless efforts in doing it. However, that family fasted and prayed saying, “May the Lord remain with us and preserve us.” During that time, God spoke to the relatives of the girl’s family. They told the girl’s mother “When we enquired, we all conceded that the groom’s family are God-fearing and would not do anything against the Lord. Tell your daughter to reconcile with them and follow the ways of the Lord which will give her peace.” Thus saying, they sent her to her husband’s house.The Lord graciously changed her hardened heart and made her reconcile with her husband. They all lived in peace and happiness and enjoyed God’s blessings as a family.
The Lord will never forsake His saints, but will always preserve them (Psalm 94:14).Have you been put in a spot of shame by being wrongfully accused? Don’t lose heart. God is going to change your situation and He will bless you exceedingly. He will exalt you and you will glorify His name.
Wonderful Savior, grant me Your grace to hold onto to your Word in times of difficulties. Help me to lead a life pleasing to you.Whatever I go through in life, Lord, lead me and bless me abundantly and to stand as a testimony to Your name.

In Jesus’name, I pray. Amen

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