The God Who Restores!

Stella Ramola
23 Jun
Dear Friends, 

Many times, in our lives, things fall apart and don’t seem to go our way. Stress, anxiety, pain, poverty and heartbreak might take over our lives. It’s hard to break the routine when these things become second nature to us and become part of our lives. Therefore, we feel broken and our world comes to a standstill. However, God wants to break that bondage and wants you to let go of those chains. 

How do we let go of something that we have become so used to? The answer is to simply be conscious of our acts; pray and ask God to change our natures. We pray that the Holy Spirit guide us every second of our lives. When the Holy Spirit is in us, these old natures will automatically be replaced by God-given natures. 

Give it all to Him. He will rebuild your life - a life of joy, contentment, confidence and an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. You will have a fresh start. Break free and He will build your life again! 
Jesus, I pray that you will break every bondage of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, poverty, sickness and loss. Help me to give all of my burdens to you so that you will break every hindrance in my life. I pray peace, prosperity, confidence, health and joy in my life. Rebuild my life again and restore everything in double measure. 

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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