Paul Dhinakaran

Shield of salvation

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
25 Jul
Dear friend, today’s promise is from 2 Samuel 22:36, “You make your saving help my shield; your help has made me great.” Yes, God’s shield of salvation makes us great in the world. An actor was shaving before going for filming that day. He had nothing to do with Jesus. He was living a filthy life. But in the mirror while he was seeing his face suddenly he saw the judgment throne of God. He trembled seeing the glory of God and the judgment. God was judging people and He said, “Throw this man into the fire,” and concerning another woman He was saying, “This woman has lived righteously. Take her to Heaven.”

Then the actor saw Satan coming from one direction and pointing toward the actor he said, “Give me this man. He belongs to me.” As the actor saw this, he trembled more. He didn’t want to be handed over to the devil. But at that moment he saw someone shedding blood being beaten and carrying a cross come up and He said, “Give him to me. I have shed my blood for the forgiveness of his sins.” Then the actor fell on his face, repented of his ways and became a child of God.
Jesus gave Himself as a shield of salvation. Even today, you can have the shield of salvation that can protect you from the onslaught and the judgment of the devil. Turn to Jesus. Then the hand of God will come and lift you up and make you great in the world. As Peter lost his faith he was sinking in the waters, he lost his vision of the Lord and he fell into the waters. But as he cried to Jesus, Jesus lifted him with His hand and made him walk on the water to the boat and they reached the other shore. The same hand of Jesus is with you to lift you up. He is your shield of salvation.
Loving Father,

Hold on to my hand. Let Your shield of salvation turn me to righteousness. Lift me up. Place me on safe ground. Lead me to great heights according to Your plan.

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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