Paul Dhinakaran

Rejoice, We Are United With The Lord!

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
09 Aug
My precious friend, today’s promise is taken from Isaiah 62:5. It says, God is rejoicing over you!“…as a bridegroom rejoices over His bride so will your God rejoice over you.” Yes, my friend the Bible indicates that we are joined with the Lord as one spirit with Him. The moment you give your life to Jesus and completely surrender your ways to Him saying, “Lord, I want to be free from sin. I don’t want the curses caused by sin, sinful pleasures, and sinful nature. I want to be in Your image”, the Lord Jesus comes and washes away your sins with His blood. He then gives you a brand-new life where you decide to say no to sin, addictions and wrong relationships. Then you take steps to make restoration for all your wrongdoings against the people. Through your actions and the way you live your life,you show the people that now you have become a child of God and have turned away from sin to righteousness.

 So, whatever evil you might have done against people, you would try to get their forgiveness or try to restore what you might have wrongly taken from them. Then the Lord will be pleased by your life and He will say“you are My righteous bride.You are spotless.You are wrinkle-free.You are perfect.”Saying thus He will rejoice over you. How wonderful it would be if God can look at us and say such loving words. Yes, my friend, the Lord does want to say “you are perfect in every way. Now you can enter into My presence with the beauty of My holiness.”
Today, would you turn your life to God and ask Him to make you as His spotless bride, holy and acceptable to Him?When you thus ask the Lord, He will rejoice over you. As mentioned in Zephaniah 3:17,“He will take great delight in you; He will rejoice over you with singing.” When the Lord is pleased, the whole world will be able to witness God’s favour over your life and will sing praises over you. Heaven will sing praises over you and every blessing shall come upon your life. How can you touch the heart of God and make Him rejoice over you? In Luke 10, we read Jesus sends His disciples to go and profess His name to others. Likewise, the disciples do wonders in the name of Jesus and also witness demons leaving people in His name. In Luke 10:21, we see that when the disciples told Jesus about what they had done in His name, He rejoiced greatly. Similarly, the Lord willrejoice over you. May God give you this grace, today.
Dear Lord Jesus,  Thank You for Your loving promise. I surrender my life into Your loving hands. I do not want to commit this sin over and over again. I want to lead a life that is pleasing before Your sight. Remove every sinful nature in me that hinders Your presence. Lord, wash me with Your precious blood and transform me into Your spotless bride. Grant me, Your grace, to lead a righteous life. I want You to rejoice over me with singing. Keep me united with You, perfect in Your image. Give me this grace, Lord. In Jesus’ name,I pray, Amen.

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