Dr Shilpa Samuel Dhinakaran

Receive God’s goodness For Your Family

Shilpa Dhinakaran
25 Sep

My friend, today’s verse is taken from Psalm 31:19 which says, “How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for those who fear You,… on those who take refuge in You.” Yes, the Lord is waiting to bless you. Today, the Lord is inviting you to take refuge in Him since He wants to bless you with exceedingly abundant goodness. What a great God we serve! My friend, the Lord indeed loves to bless His children. So, even the areas that you think are dead in your life, the Lord is ready to resurrect them, today. So, rejoice and be glad!

In the Bible, we see the resurrecting power of God manifesting in the life of Lazarus. Lazarus was dead and both his sisters were crying inconsolably. They thought it was the end and that they will not be seeing their brother ever again. But Jesus came and resurrected Lazarus to life. People around them would have thought Lazarus’ life is over. But the Lord had a different plan. He wanted to be good to His children. He wanted to fill them with goodness. 

Today, you might be in the same situation. Perhaps, people around you are saying that your life is over and nothing good will come out of it. Your own parents might be saying that! Or are you hearing people say to you that “you are good for nothing!” Take heart, my dear friend! The Lord says to you that He is waiting to bless you with all the good things. And the best part is that the Lord has everything stored up for you. The only requirement from you is to take refuge in Him. 


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for Your love for me. Lord, I pray that You satisfy me with Your unfailing mercy. Lord, I take complete refuge in You. I look to you alone, Lord and put my trust in You. Lord, let Your goodness come upon me. Fill me with Your happiness and Your peace and bless me abundantly as You have promised, today. Lord let me feel Your presence surrounding me every single moment of the day. Thank you, Lord, for resurrecting every dead area of my life. I receive Your exceedingly abundant goodness from Your loving Hands. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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