Put The Glass Down

Sharon Dhinakaran
15 Feb
Sometimes we tend to lean on our wisdom or follow the advice of others while facing troubles.  To our surprise, they lead to unwanted stress, failure, fear, and depression.  As you become highly concerned about a solution for your problem, you will displace God from your life and sink in a sea of worry. Your knees begin to buckle as you try handling all by yourself.  So, to avoid the stress and worry, submit yourself completely in the hands of God trusting that He will make your paths straight. He will send the favour on you and whatever you think is impossible, He will make it possible.   Here is God’s answer to all your worries, stated in one verse: Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you” (Psalm 55:22).

A psychologist illustrated stress management to an audience in this way: She raised a glass of water and inquired smilingly, “How heavy is this glass of water?” Answers ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.  She replied, “The absolute weight of this glass does not matter.  Instead, the length of time I hold this glass matters.  If I hold it for one minute, it is not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I will have pain in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and get paralyzed.  On careful observation, we can notice that the weight of the glass does not change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.”  She continued: “The stresses and worries in life are like this glass of water. Nothing happens when you think about them for a while.  They begin to hurt when you think about them a bit longer.  And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.”
Beloved, it is important to safeguard from being strangled by worries. Let go of your stresses. As early as you can, cast all your cares on the Lord who said, “Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29)Are you concerned about the forthcoming exams? Is the financial problem choking you?  Are you staggering with health issues?  Remember to put the glass down!  Cling on to the Lord who created the heaven and the earth.  Everything is possible for Him.  He will open a way for you in the wilderness.  You can live without fear because God has you in his heart at this very moment. He will not forget you indeed; He cannot forget you.
Loving Lord,

I know You are going before me. You know all my problems. Even now, I surrender all my cares and concerns to You. Help me to get rid of this spirit of worry. Bring me out of this depression. God, You are the source of wisdom. Grant me solution for this problem. Bless me with peaceful sleep every day. 

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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