Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

Prayer Goes Before Victory

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
16 Dec
Amasai speaks these words, a Levite of one of the sons of Elkanah (1 Chronicles 6:25). He went along with his band to join King David because he knew David was God’s anointed and they would be victorious since God was with them. They had the assurance and hope in the Lord, and so they didn’t fear the enemy
One of my friends, a pious man, works for a famous company. The owner of the company once saw an advertisement about a costly project offered by a western country that was ready to invest millions of dollars. He was confident that if only they could work it out and get the project for the company, it would be very profitable. However, he did not know how to achieve it. Then my friend told him, “Sir, give us a day, and we will fast and pray. The Lord will reveal everything regarding the project to us.” The owner, who did not know anything about our Lord, encouraged them to pray. At once, my friend and two other young men knelt in the office and prayed the whole night with one accord. The Lord heard their prayers and spoke to my friend through a vision. He clearly explained how to execute the project. They did as the Lord had told them. The project was a success, and all the three of them were promoted to top positions in the company.

This is how God brings success into your life. When you seek His counsel in any matter, He will surely guide you. You will be honored above others. Even in the Bible, we read that Daniel and his friends were raised to the highest positions in the palace as they were diligent in seeking God in prayer. Pray over everything to receive His counsel and guidance. When you lead a life pleasing in God’s sight, then you will be blessed in all aspects of your life. You will shine in all your endeavors. From the life of Joseph, we learn that even Potiphar saw that the Lord was with Joseph and made him prosper in all that he did (Genesis 39:3). Likewise, when you lead an upright life, you will be a testimony to others and also a blessing.
Loving Lord, I pray that You fill me with Your presence. Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom and knowledge to work according to Your will in everything I do.  Grant me success in all my endeavors. Thank You for answering my petition. 

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 

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