Stella dhinakaran

Praising God At All Times

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
19 Jan
Dear children of God,
It is very easy to praise and thank the Lord, when everything is going just as you desire. You are so delighted, that you sing praises to God and share your joy with others. But, do you still praise the Lord from the bottom of your heart, when you are surrounded with troubles and miseries?

In the bible, we read about King David. He had a heart of gratitude and praise and therefore, was able to sing praises to the Lord, in all sincerity, “I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips”. (Psalm 34:1). Usually, people mourn and complain when they are facing tough situations. But when you start praising and thanking God, just like David did, amidst all your hard-ships and sufferings, God will be pleased with you. He will bless you abundantly and turn all the miseries into calmness.
With this, an incident comes to my mind. Once, a servant of God fell ill and was admitted to the hospital in a very serious condition. The doctors called all his family members and told them, “ It is better for you, that you take him home, we are unable to do anything to save him. You should keep him happy so that he can have a peaceful end.” This completely shattered the family. They brought him home and surrounded him and started praising the Lord. When we read the scriptures, it clearly says, “Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the one Israel praises” ( Psalm 22:3). Yes! God was pleased with the thanksgiving that the family offered. They didn’t stop for a moment. As they continued to sing praises to the Lord and thanking Him for all the blessing that they had received, the Holy Spirit descended into the room, just as it had descended on the apostles on the day of Pentecost ( Book of Acts chapter 2). A bright light shone on the sick man. He started to move. He stood up and sat on the bed himself. And then he walked slowly and joined the other members of the family, in thanking and praising God, for delivering him out of death.

My dear brothers and sisters let us, thank and praise God in the midst of all our troubles. When He hears the pleasing sound of your thank offering, He will turn your sorrows into joy. There is great power in singing praise to God Almighty. When you praise and worship the Lord, you are spiritually strengthened for trial.  When Paul and Silas, were put behind bars, the only thing that they did was, they started praising God. They didn’t seek any human help, to rescue them, rather trusted God and didn’t forget to thank and praise God, even in that situation. Do you know what happened next? Suddenly there was a violent earthquake and all the prison doors were opened and everyone’s chains came loose (Acts 16:25,26). Likewise, you too should keep singing and thanking the Lord and see the wonders of God Almighty in your life.
Loving Father!
Grant me a heart of gratitude like David. May I always praise and thank you, because you deserve all the glory. Remove within me the complaining attitude and all unnecessary murmurings.
In Jesus’ most precious name I pray.

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