Power in His peace!

Samuel Dhinakaran
15 Jul
My Dear Friends,

Today God is going to fill you with his peace. The peace that God gives is different from what the world gives. The peace that the world gives may leave us in a short time. But the peace which comes from God is eternal, and it will be with us forever. The Lord wants to fill you with such divine peace. His peace gives you power. The Bible says, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you” (Isaiah 26:3).

There was a man called, Charles Finny. He was a mighty man of God. Daily he used to mediate on the word of God. On reading the scripture he was filled with the divine peace in his heart. The power of God filled him. One day when he was walking on the road. He saw 2 drunkard people fighting on the road, they were falling and rolling on the road. As Charles finny walked towards them. They both looked at him. They saw his face and they both fell on the ground. They said to him, “ Sir, your face is convicting us from our sin, we could not bear the guilt. Please forgive us.” That is the power of God when He fills his people with his peace. God gives his power through peace. He will turn all your tears to joy, all your failures into great successes. He will dwell with you always. He will make His unchanging peace and joy to flow into your heart and your life. Let not your heart be troubled!
Friends, Do you want God’s peace in your life? Yes, He will certainly fill you with His peace. Do not worry! The Lord wants to remove all your burdens and fill you with peace. God is eagerly waiting to fill you with his divine peace. The Lord is waiting to give you His power. When He fills you with His peace you will be filled with the Power of God. When people see you, they will see God in you. Today the Lord is going to give you that privilege. Ask him you will surely receive his peace and joy. Have a peaceful life.
Loving Lord Jesus,
You are the Prince of Peace. I look to You for help. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and comfort me with your amazing love. Deliver me from my struggles. Wipe away my tears and turn my sorrow into joy. Grant me your heavenly peace. May your name alone be glorified.
In Your matchless name, I pray.

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