Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Our Help is in the Name of the Lord

Samuel Dhinakaran
08 Aug
My dear friend, today the Lord is here to share with you the secrets of how to receive His blessings. In Psalm 124:8 we read,“Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Yes, your help, your blessings are in His mighty name, my friend. Every creation of God that we see before our eyes are in His power. His mighty name brings miracles, open doors,and healing. No demon can stand before His name.

 But in this world, we don’t often see His name and so we chase after anything that opens doors for us. Perhaps, we depend on some person too much or we leave the name of the Lord and our values outside the gate of our college or our workplace so as to be accepted by the people as one of them. But think about it, my friend. Who will help you in troubled times? Who can do the impossible for you?
I was once speaking to a man who said he went for an interview with a Company. There was not a single person there who knew the Lord. And so even though there was a temptation for him to say that he doesn’t know Jesus just to fit in with the group and be selected for the job, he said “I love the Lord Jesus”. Amazingly, his interview was successful and he was selected for the job. After joining the Company, he said that he held on to his values and did everything that the Lord loves in that Company. Soon his boss recognised his work and very quickly he was lifted from position to position to a point where he had a great headship position in the district itself. As he stood for the name of the Lord,He helped him rise to great heights.
My friend, today you are also going to receive help from the name of the Lord in whom you trust. Carry His name with pride and joy. He will certainly love you for carrying Him wherever you go. The Lord is indeed your Helper. Hallelujah!
Loving Father, Thank You Lord for speaking to me to hold on to Your mighty name. Help me to always remember and acknowledge You in all my ways. Lord, I believe that there is power in Your name. I put my complete trust in Your name. Help me to carry Your presence,Your name with pride and joy. Help me to hold on to Your values everywhere I go. Lord, I pray that You will bless and honour me. Open the doors which have been closed for so long in my life for You are my Helper, Lord. Meet every need in my life. Help me to flourish and prosper. Thank You for Your mighty blessings.In Jesus’ name,I pray. Amen.

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