Our God, our shield!

Shilpa Dhinakaran
09 Nov
God Almighty is with you. He will go ahead of you and solve every problem you encounter (Exo.23:27).  Therefore, no man can stand against you. Those who rage against you shall fall.

There is a famous story about a missionary from Africa. He was serving at a small field hospital and every two weeks he used to travel by his bicycle through the jungle to the nearby city to get supplies. On one of these journeys while he was returning back, in the middle of the jungle, he saw two men fighting and one severely injured. He immediately treated him for his injuries, shared the love of Christ and sent him back to the city.

A few weeks later, the injured man met the missionary when he came to the city. On seeing the missionary, he remembered a crime that he was about to commit, which had happened sometime ago before the missionary had treated him for the injury in the middle of the jungle.  He said to him that he and his friends were planning to rob his money and kill him in the middle of the jungle. They were about to pull out their knives, when they saw him guarded by 26 armed soldiers, all standing shoulder to shoulder around the missionary. The missionary laughed and said that it was impossible because he was travelling alone. However, the young man was not willing to give up. He said, “No way sir; not only me, even my friends who were with me saw those soldiers and we all counted them. It was only because of those guards that we did not harm you.”
The missionary shared this incident at his home church in Michigan, USA. Exactly at this point of the story, a young man from the congregation stood up in a hurry and stopped the pastor. He wanted to know the exact date and time the incident happened. The young man said “Pastor, I was leaving to play golf around the exact same time and there was a very strong urge inside me telling me to pray for you. I immediately called few members of our congregation and we all prayed together and we were exactly 26 of them!! What a miracle! When the people of God prayed together in Michigan, God sent his angels far away in Africa to protect the missionary. What an amazing God we have!

      In the Bible, we read how God rescued David from danger because the Lord delighted in David. Not even Saul, the king of Israel was able to stand against David. That’s how the Lord delights in us too, because we are His little loving children. He will protect us from all the danger that surrounds us and no one will be able to stand against us just as the Bible says “(No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54.17). When you are scared, trust Him and pray. He is right next to you and you will feel shielded and covered by His love. 
Thank you Jesus for Your protection and for Your Angels who always surround us wherever we go. We are sorry we sometimes take it for granted. Thank You for guarding us against all the plans of the devil and for making sure that no one stands against us. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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