Stella dhinakaran

No more curses!

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
13 Jun
The Lord will not only change the darkness of sin, but also change the darkness of curses. As it is written, “Anyone who is hung on a pole is under God’s curse. Christ has become a curse for us and has redeemed us”. (Galatians 3:13, Deuteronomy 21:23). He took upon himself the curse on the cross for our wrongdoings. Yes, In order to deliver us from our curse the Lord himself became a curse on the cross. A sister wrote a letter to me. Every Wednesday morning at 7:11 AM on the FEBA Radio, I used to share God’s message especially for women. This sister used to hear the message regularly on the FEBA Radio. She had a very painful past. When she was born, her father died. There were many difficulties in their family one after another that so her mother did not like the very sight of her. Her mother used to tell her, “You are a curse to this family”. Always she used to rebuke her, “Why were you born?” As days passed by she was feeling very bad and was broken, she thought, “There is no use of me living in this world, it’s better to die.” In this situation, she was listening to the message for women in the Feba radio. That day, I was sharing about the scripture verse and said, “The Lord Jesus Christ himself became a cursed on the cross for us. Do not worry about what the world says about you. All your curses are carried by the Lord on the cross. The Lord is waiting to bless you.” That sister was filled with joy on hearing that the Lord is going to bless you. In spite of her plan to end her life, she said, “The Lord has given me a new life. It is enough for me to live for The Lord who has given his life for my sins and curses.” She wrote that letter to share about the new life and joy that God has given her.
My Beloved, Are you worried thinking about the curses in your life? Are you disturbed about your workplace, business, family, debts? Remember that all your curses are borne by the Lord on the cross. Yes, there is no more curses in your life. Jesus has removed all the curses from your life and delivered you. Accept Him as your savior for He alone can turn your curses into blessings. Surely, He will deliver his children from the curses and bless you. God Bless You.
Lord Jesus, I thank you for bearing all the curses on the cross to set me free. I open my heart and life to You. Come into my heart. Deliver me from all the curses and bless me. Make me an instrument to pass this message of love and compassion to others so that they will experience the deliverance in their lives. I make this humble prayer through Christ Jesus, my Redeemer. Amen.

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