Stella dhinakaran

Living A Righteous Life

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
30 Nov
Righteousness is the chief attribute of God. Most often we confuse our righteousness with all that is desired by God. When we are happy, we will do all that is ‘righteous’ according to our perception but the minute we are faced with the challenges of life, all our charitable deeds are out of our lives. We start questioning God and remind Him of our good deeds. Isn’t that right?

We read in the book of Romans 4:3 “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”Yes! This is the kind of righteousness that pleases our Heavenly Father. It comes by spending time in prayer and believing in God’s promises even in your darkest hours. We see in the Bible how Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel and Job chose to live righteous and blameless lives.

There was a family with many children. Among them, only one girl was reading the Bible faithfully everyday and praying fervently at all times. She also walked in righteous ways. Behold! The Lord endowed her with divine wisdom and exalted her in all walks of life. The other members of her family who made fun of her spiritual quest, experienced untold miseries and finally ended up as failures in life. But when they repented for their unrighteous ways and turned to the Lord to follow His righteous ways, the Lord blessed them with all the good things of life. 

Yes! There is a reward for the righteous. The Biblical heroes mentioned above were all rewarded by God and God used them mightily for His glory. Today, you may also follow them and walk in righteous ways. Keep trusting the Lord in the midst of your struggles and God will work a miracle for you, use you mightily and you will stand as a testimony to His name. So,do you follow a righteous life that the Lord desires from you? Analyze yourself and be transformed to receive the Lord’s blessings and His abundant mercy.
Wonderful Father! If I had gone astray from Your righteous way, fill me with Your divine grace today, and help me to hold fast to Your feet firmly. By Your grace, enable me to walk carefully in Your righteous ways and receive all the good things from You. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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