Paul Dhinakaran

Joy inexpressible

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
13 Sep
Dear friend, God wants to remind you that the joy of the Lord is your strength. Yes, God’s word for today is from Nehemiah 8:10, “Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Do you know when this verse was written? It was mentioned by Nehemiah when the people repented of their wicked ways and turned to God.

He said, “You have repented and cried before God for your sins. God has seen your tears. He has seen your repentance. So you should not cry anymore. This is the time to rejoice saying, “My God has forgiven my sins.” You don’t have to be guilty anymore.” The Bible says, when you truly repent and turn from your wicked ways, the Lord is faithful to forgive. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins. So once you repent, believe that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed you from all sins and rejoice, yes, rejoice. Jump with joy.
There was a person who was acting in dramas. He came to the conclusion that there was no God. So he himself started writing the script for his dramas. Do you know the theme with which he conducted his plays? It was saying, “There is no God.” But then he fell into a miserable situation, lost his peace and he was searching for peace. One day he saw a big crowd around a church. He saw someone preaching inside the church and the church was overflowing with people. So he squeezed through the crowd and saw through the window what the preacher was preaching. He was happy to hear about Jesus for he thought, “I am going to get the next script from this man’s talk and I can criticize Jesus more.” Yet at that exact moment, the preacher pointed at his direction unknowingly and said, “Young man, Jesus loves you.” The very moment he felt God’s joy fill his heart and all his anger left him and he became a new person. Jesus spoke in his heart saying, “Jeevanandham, I have made you new.” So when you accept Jesus, He will make you new with His precious blood and fill you with His joy.
Loving Father,

I give You my heart right now Lord. Come into my heart and fill me with Your joy. Wash me with Your precious blood and make me as white as snow. Make me a new person and use me for Your glory.

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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