DGS Dhinakaran

I Am that I Am!

Bro. D.G.S Dhinakaran
27 Sep
2000 years ago, the great God came down into this world in the form of a person called Jesus. According to John 14:9, when Jesus was in this world, He said, “He that sees me, sees the invisible God, the merciful and gracious” When people asked Jesus, who is He, The Lord Jesus said, “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3:14).

Hebrews 1:3 says that He upholds the entire Universe by the word of His power. Let me just cite an example from the Bible. The Bible says that He is the only One who is authorized to walk over the waves in the angry sea. If you read Job 9:8 and Psalm 136:4, “He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea...To him who alone doeth great wonders” In Matthew 14:25, we read that when the Lord Jesus Christ saw that His disciples were in agony in the raging Galilean waters, He walked on the waves. When the disciples saw Him walking on the water, they were terrified. In their fear, they cried out, “It’s a ghost!” But Jesus spoke to them at once, “Don’t be afraid,” He said. “Take courage. I AM THAT I AM! Cheer up my brothers and sisters, you may be going through troubled waters today but the resurrected Jesus can stop it by His powerful word.
On 26th December 2004, the great Tsunami came and the huge sea waves entered into the land. It was a Sunday morning. There was a family which feared God who went to church to pray at that time. After the church service, they continued to stay there and prayed for their son who refused to come to church and went to play cricket. As the son was playing cricket, the huge waves came and drew all his friends into the sea except this boy. He screamed louder and jumped upon the compound wall nearby. Suddenly, he saw an iron rod over the wall and he firmly held onto it and so he escaped the great waves. The great waves even spared his cycle. After everything got settled, the son took the cycle, rode back home fast and saw his parents receiving him happily. They wondered how their son could escape the great waves and so they went to the place where their son got saved. They saw many cars overturned. The son showed his parents the compound wall on which he was standing. They asked him, “Where is the iron rod on which you were hanging?” The boy stood speechless. What happened? There was no iron rod over there. It is the great I AM THAT I AM who came and stood there as a mighty iron rod. It is not a fairy tale. It is a real story. My dear beloved, the Lord is going to do the same for you. You or your dear ones may be struggling with dreadful sickness, poverty, danger, debts, and losses. Whatever may be your worries, do not be discouraged and lose heart. “I AM THAT I AM” is with you. “For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.” (Psalm 33:9). He will never forsake you. He will deliver you from the raging seas and grant you peace. He will work wonders in your life.
Dear Lord Jesus, I truly confess that You are the Word who came in the form of flesh and dwelt amongst us. You are the most wonderful and powerful God. You are mighty in word and indeed. As said in the Bible, “You speak, it will be done and when You command, it will stand firm.” Lord, speak to my problems and deliver me out of this. I am assured by Your living Word that You will never forsake me. Grant me peace and work wonders in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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