DGS Dhinakaran

He comforts us a Mother!

Bro. D.G.S Dhinakaran
20 Sep
As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.  (Isaiah 66:13)
We read Matthew 12:49-50, that when the disciples told Jesus that His mother and Brother has come to see Him, Jesus asks them a question of who His mother and brother are and He answers them saying "For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” You and I are called by our Lord Jesus Christ as His brother and sister. We are also called to be His mother. He loves us as much as a kid who loves his mother.
Some years ago, in United States of America, a young man was convicted for murdering a police man. The case proceeded for ten years and concluded that the man was guilty and was given a death sentence. The day arrived; all his friends came to visit him and the brought him things that he would like. They tried to make him as happy as possible. As he was approaching the time of his execution he saw his aged mother coming to him. He immediately rose up and hugged her tight and cried out "mother, I did not murder that man!" The bosom of his mother gave him comfort and cheer before he could die.
When Jesus was on the cross, He went through so much agony with the crown of thorns and lashed severely with his flesh been torn apart. But in John 19:25-27 we read , when Jesus saw his mother from the cross, blood dripping from his body and probably in his blur vision. The moment He saw His mother His heart went out to her and He said "Mother I know I am leaving you, I know you are going to miss me but take John, my beloved disciple as your son". Even at the last moment of His life He never forgot to take care of His mother.  He says you are my mother. My dear Brothers and Sisters, He loves you as a mother. He will take care of you. When nobody wants you in this world our Jesus will stand by your side and He will comfort you as a mother. Phil 4:19 says "my God will supply all your needs.." because he loves you like your own mother. He will let you lack nothing.
Every time mothers come to me for prayer and I often hear them complain about their husband or children. Their cry is with questions about when their son will repent or when their husband will return. I embrace them, and without fail I pray to God mentioning "Lord you have had a mother. You know the heart of a mother. You know the pain she is going through and you have to deliver her from this". Yes! He is always moved with compassion for you, my dear brothers and Sisters.  Take courage my dear children of God. Cry unto Him if you feel you do not have anybody in this word. Ask Him to fill you with His joy. He will hastily come to you and comfort you as a mother.
My loving gracious heavenly Father, I thank you for this wonderful day. I thank you for comforting me as a mother. I praise you and worship you for in the day of my trouble I can run into your wings and be comforted in your bosom. Help me to know your ways and walk in obedience with you. I thank you for all the good things that you are bringing in my life. Protect me and deliver me from evil. I ask this in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen!

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