Stella dhinakaran

Grace and Peace be Multiplied in You

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
19 Sep

Dearly beloved!  We ought to examine the greatness of the Lord which enables us to inherit the blessing mentioned in the verse above. It is very essential for us to be filled by His grace and His peace to walk with Him in holiness through the Holy Spirit.  Every one of us should obtain this peace in our personal and family life. Therefore, let us look to the Lord and cry out to Him to help us experience this in our lives.

A family did not know anything about this excellent life and they thought that living a simple and honest life was more than enough for them. One Sunday, they heard the verse quoted above with its deep insights and the spiritual experiences through the preacher who came to their church. Their interest grew to know more of the Lord and hence they brought the preacher to their home. They sat around him and asked him to explain its deep truth to them. He too very lovingly explained to them the greatness of that experience and also waited patiently till all of them were anointed and finally led them to the Lord. This made them rejoice as they felt a great light entering within them. It also gave them a great burden for their relatives and so they shared these new experiences with them. Consequently, they too glorified the name of the Lord and the life of their relatives abounded with the Lord’s blessings.

Dearly beloved! Likewise, let everyone of us also be sanctified by the Holy Spirit through His grace and peace. The Bible says, “….You have obeyed him and have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. May God give you more and more grace and peace.” (1 Peter 1:2). When we receive this experience, we can enjoy His grace and peace which will lead us to a peaceful, harmonious and joyful living. We can also receive God's blessing in our life without any hindrance. Our homes will reflect heaven. Everyone who enters your house will feel the presence of God and will find peace in their hearts when they leave your house. Yes, your houses will be an aspiration for many. Many will enquire of the peace and blessing that our homes are adorned with and we will be able to lead them to God for their peace and blessing. When they taste the Love of God they will further set an example to their friends and neighbours. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven is being established on earth.   
Our holy and heavenly Father!
Grant me the grace to live a holy life that you desire and to walk in ways pleasing to you. Preserve my path and deliver me from all danger. Grant me the grace in my life to be filled by the Holy Spirit and to receive holiness, divine grace and peace. Help me to lead others too.
In the holy name of Lord Jesus  Christ I pray, O Father,


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