Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

God who makes a way

Samuel Dhinakaran
14 Apr
We have a God who makes a way for us even when there is no way. When we can’t see the provision, He miraculously provides us. He leads us by the still waters when our soul is at unrest. So great is His love for us. We can never fathom the depths of His love for us. If you are going through a challenging time, let me assure you that God will definitely make a way for you in the wilderness.
When Abraham had sent Hagar and her infant son into the wilderness with some food and water, her provision soon ran out and she cried out to the Lord. She set her son under a bush and went at some distance to cry as she couldn’t see him die. But the Lord heard the boy’s cry and an angel of the Lord spoke to Hagar and assured her that God will take care or her and her son. Then the Lord opened her eyes and she saw a well. She happily drew water from the well and gave some to her son to drink. It was the Lord who made a way for Hagar in the wilderness. The same Lord will make a way for you in midst of your troubles. Hagar praised the Lord by calling him as, "the Lord who sees me (Genesis 16:13)." God sees us all the time and He will deliver us from all our trials and temptations.
I once read in a book about a servant of God who was running an orphanage for children. One day they ran out of food and water for the children and they didn’t have the money to buy food as well. He then called the supervisors and asked them to gather the children at the table and asked them to pray. The supervisors didn’t understand as to why the children were being asked to pray at the table as there was no food to serve. At that time someone knocked on the door and said that they have food to give to the children. He was surprised and asked them how did they get the food here? They informed that they were taking the food to a marriage but the truck broke down and the repair might take up to 5 hrs. So they decided to give the food to the children. You too may also say that you have problems, which you cannot rectify, but when you cry out to the Lord, He will surely make a way.
He is a God who has His eye upon us and hears us. Trust in His promise today. There may be nothing in your hand right now but you will be surprised to see our Lord, who multiplied the five loaves of bread and two fish, multiply your blessings and fill you with joy. Turn your ways to Jesus, submit yourself to Him and watch how beautifully He unravels His plans for your life. He was and is and will continue to be Jehovah Jireh which means “The Lord will provide (Genesis 22:14)”.
Precious Lord you have delivered me from the clutches of sin and restored me with your righteous blood. You are the Lord who watches over me and guides me in the way I should go. You Lord have established my path and set before me streams of living water. I worship You and thank You for all the good things that You are doing in my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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