God Rewards You

Shilpa Dhinakaran
21 Dec
Yes, my dear friends, according to the promise verse of the day, the Lord sees everything, even what you do in secret. He is watching when you cook food for your husband; He is watching when you help your brother/sister with their homework; He is watching when you give all your savings for your child’s education and He is watching even when you share the only food/money you have with someone who is in need. The Bible also tells us, “Let us not become tired of doing good” (Galatians 6:9). Every little thing you do for any of His children, you are doing it for Him, and the Lord will surely reward you. In the Bible, David agreed to do everything the Lord wanted him to do, whether it was rearing sheep for his father or taking food for his brothers in front of the entire army or even playing the harp for the king. He did not even think twice. The Lord saw each and everything which David did and rewarded him greatly. Most of the time, people may not notice or appreciate what you do, but that’s ok. Don’t get upset or sad about it, because the Lord is waiting to reward you.
There’s a famous gospel song known as “Thank you”. The song talks about how when a person goes to heaven, so many people come and thank him. One person thanks him because he was his Sunday school teacher and he accepted Christ because of him. One person thanks him because he helped a missionary at church; one by one, they come and thank him for what he did. The man was surprised; he never realised he had helped so many people in his lifetime, just by the simple acts he did. Finally, Jesus holds his hand and tells him “My son, look around you, great is your reward”. That's how the Lord will reward you. Sometimes, you may not even be rewarded when you are here on earth, but the Lord is waiting to give you a huge reward when you go to heaven. He is just waiting to hug you and tell you, “Well done, my child”. He is so proud of you!! The Lord notices each and every little thing you do for Him. Don’t stop living for the Lord.
Lord Jesus,

Help me to always help people in need. Show me the right people who need my help and also teach me in what way I can help them. Let every soul I touch, feel Your love through me. Lord let it always be more of You and less of me. In Jesus’ name I pray,


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