DGS Dhinakaran

God of Compassion and Mercy!

Bro. D.G.S Dhinakaran
04 Oct
My beloved,
In Psalm 103:8, we read, “The Lord is compassionate and gracious.” After reading, again and again, one thing I found in the Bible is, ‘If you need a miracle from God, it is His compassion that brings the miracle’.

In Matthew 9:35, 36, “When he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion.” Cheer up brothers and sisters. His same mercy is going to heal you from your sickness.

Matthew 15:32 says, “He multiplied the bread and fed the people because he was moved with compassion.” Matthew 20:34 says, “He healed the blind man because of his compassion.” In Luke 7:11-15, When Jesus saw a widow crying he was moved with compassion. He said, “Woman cry not… Weep not…” and performed a miracle. Cheer up, my brothers and sisters. Even now, the God of mercy and grace is waiting for you with full of compassion.
When President Richard Nixon lost his power, many of his colleagues were put in prison. There was one man who was very close to him. Though he was put in prison, he believed in God, that one day, he will be released from prison. He waited for a year. One day, he lost his patience, and he cried. “I am waiting for one year. I am innocent. Why did they jail me? Where is God? Is He the God of justice?” When he was crying like a madman, the superintendent called him. He said, “Come immediately, some very big people are waiting to meet you.” Though he was not interested, reluctantly he went. He saw his old friends waiting for him. They informed him saying, “The new President has pardoned you. He has forgiven whatever you have done, you are totally free”. He could not believe what he had heard. He cried out saying, “There is a merciful and compassionate God in heaven” and he started to praise God.

My brothers and sisters, have you lost hope? Turn to God and seek His help. Why not you find out what He can do in your life?! He has changed many lives, lifted the downcast and brought hope to those who feel lost. Still, there is hope in Jesus. With His everlasting mercy and compassion, He will surely deliver you.
Loving Lord Jesus,
I praise and thank You because Your mercies are unending and they are new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness that we are not consumed. Please shower Your grace and mercy upon me in abundance on this day. Enable me to reflect Your virtues of having love and compassion and being slow to anger on my fellow-beings. Help me to exalt Your name in everything that I do on this day. May my thoughts, words and deeds bring glory to Your name now and forever.
In Your matchless name I pray. Amen.

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