Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

God Knows His Own

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
06 Oct
We boldly proclaim that we love God. But what does it exactly mean to ‘love God’? It implies that we are faithful in following His statutes, even in times of sorrow, discouragement and pain. While doing so, the loving God in His great mercy will deliver you and provide for all your needs.
Once, a certain God-fearing couple went through all kinds of hardship in their lives. However, their relatives did not seek God’s ways. Unfortunately, this couple was childless for many years and they were poverty stricken too. This gave room for more criticism and ridicule from their relatives. They mocked them saying, “You go to church every Sunday proclaiming your faith and read the Bible regularly. Then why are you deprived of these blessings in your lives? Even in such an adverse situation, this couple remained steadfast in their faith.They never grumbled or complained to anyone, but showed contentment even in their unhappy moments. The Lord was keenly watching this. On seeing their ardent faith, love and adoration for Him, God blessed them with children and other blessings too in abundant measure; all at the right time. 
When you choose to give the Lord, first place in your life, you will never lose your reward as the Almighty watches over you and will repay you for the losses, the sufferings and the shame. You will be able to do this only when you ‘trust Him’. Therefore, never give up on living a righteous life and doing good all the time. As the Creator of the universe is closely watching over your lives and will not allow your foot to dash against the stone ( Psalm 91:12).
Loving Heavenly Father, your son Jesus Christ delivered me from the bondages of slavery and gave me the glorious liberty of being Your child. May I always follow Your statutes and live a life pleasing to you. 
In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen

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