Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

God is the perfect timekeeper!

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
06 Apr
Many days ago, I suddenly had a severe stomach ache. At that time my husband had gone out of town. Therefore my mother Stella Dhinakaran took me to a hospital. When we reached the hospital, I thought the doctor would examine me, prescribe me some medicine and then send me away but they gave a form in our hands to fill-in. The Doctor said, “Please fill-in this form and come and then I’ll try and send you away as soon as possible.” Meanwhile I was having unbearable pain. I thought, “Oh! How good it would be if they could start the treatment immediately. Why are they delaying so much?.” I got a bit angry at the hospital officials. I fell on my mother’s laps and began to cry. My mother said, “You want to do it immediately, but these doctors are asking us to wait for 5 minutes” For me those 5 minutes were like 5 hours.

This is how we will feel when we are in suffering and we are asked to wait. Sometimes we may think, “ Why is He delaying so much? Why is He not hearing my cry? Am I not His child?” We may also get  worried and angry; but my friends! The Spirit of Grace sometimes makes us wait. That is why God has given us ‘the Spirit of waiting.” God is allowing us to wait saying, “Wait for a little while. Only then you will understand how loving I am.” Especially when we are praying for our children and we don’t get answers from God, we get upset and angry. We say, “Father! My children are like this. Are you not worried? Do you not care? We lament and weep.
God will surely hear your voice. We call God for our needs, but we hesitate to wait for His time. However busy we may be with our lives, God expects us to wait on Him. When we wait like that The Lord will pour upon us the Spirit of grace.
Heavenly Father,

I know your love is immeasurable and you do not despise my prayers. However, the long wait for an answer to my prayers is breaking my heart. Please give me the grace to trust your timing and wait on you Lord. Thank you God for you are going to wipe away my tears and make me happy for the days I have suffered.

I Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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