Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran

God is good!

Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran
18 Sep

Dearly beloved, are you going through a tough situation? Are you feeling lonely? Never be worried. You have a God who watches over you. Yet, when troubles mount up around us it is natural for us to get the thoughts in our minds saying, “Is God really with me?” This thought will also bring fear. Many times we cry out saying, “Lord! Are you seeing me? Are you hearing my prayers?”

Job also cried like this but when the Lord revealed Himself to him he says, “MY eyes beholds you “or” My eyes looks at you!” There is no agony beyond what Job suffered. He knew God but when He was blessed, he ‘Saw’ God. Even so my friend God will bless you and make you say, “Lord! I have seen you, you have blessed me. I believe you will multiply me and make me prosper.”
When Mary Magdalene went to the grave where the body of Jesus was kept, she cried “they have taken my Lord away.” But He was standing right by her side. She did not knew that and questioned him, ‘I don’t know where they have put Him; He is not there’ (John 20:11-15). We too, when we pass through the valley of agony, devil blinds our eyes from seeing Him.

Bro. Rajendra Choudry from Patna who went through such a agony, wrote a letter of witness to me and here it is.. I was suffering from the deadly disease called ‘Parkinson’ for 2 years. My hands, legs and whole body would be shaking all the time. I could not do any work. With great faith and expectation, my family carried me to the Jesus Calls Prayer Festival held in Patna. During the prayer time, when you were praying, the Lord touched me and I was healed instantly. Now I am able to walk freely. Glory to God!

It is in the same way the Lord will fill your heart too my friend. He will open opportunities in such a way that it will bring prosperity unto you. He says that He is a God who will never relent in doing good (Jeremiah 32:40,41). He will not just bless you once and then leave you forever. He will keep blessing you again and again. So, don’t be discouraged but keep praising God. He is with you all the time.  He will bless you and your family too.
Loving Lord Jesus,
Turn away all the problems that I am facing today. I completely surrender my life to you. Provide all my needs. I am confident that You have heard it and will surely answer me with miracles in my life. Renew my strength, Lord. With my eyes on You, Lord, help me to live a life pleasing You. Give me unchanging trust in You and in Your miracle-working power which is the same yesterday, today and forever.
In Jesus' mighty name, I pray.

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