Stella dhinakaran

God Answers Prayers

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
03 Dec
Many of us are tired and troubled because of our different needs and expectations. “Who will help me in this condition? Is there any chance for a change in my life? Will I get justice in my working place? Will I get the healing that I long for? Will my needs be fulfilled?” - These may be few questions that trouble your mind. However, remember that you have a loving Lord who numbers our wanderings and keeps an account of your tears (Psalm 56:8).
A mother was deeply worried about her young and disobedient son who went around doing, as he liked. One day, without even caring for her, he said many things that hurt her very much and ran away from home. Her husband was also a hard-hearted man who was very indifferent to family matters. Not knowing what to do next, this mother started to cry.  She opened her Bible to read and her eyes fell on the verse, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer” (Matthew 21:22). A new faith took hold of her. Immediately she prayed, “Lord! You are a true and living God. I believe that my agony is not hidden from You. It is possible for You to change the hard heart of my son as well as the indifferent heart of my husband. I hold fast to Your unfailing promise. I praise You and bless You for You do great things. I am expecting a great miracle from You today.”  At once, her heart was filled with a peace that passes all human understanding. She put all her faith in God and her worries disappeared. Oh! What a miracle! Within a few days, her son returned home. He realized his mother’s true love. He made his mother happy by becoming a child of God and started doing His ministry.
My dearly beloved, today, you too can claim the promise of God as your own and place all your burdens before God. For sure, your prayers would be heard and you will see miracles in your life.   Your faith will not go in vain.  Your hope will not be cut off.  Believe in Him because His loving rewards are waiting for you. God will make everything beautiful in His time in your life.
Loving Lord, the worldly matters cause me untold suffering and innumerable problems. In the midst of my burdens and worries, I believe in You only. I cling on to Your promises. I am sure that You will carry the load for me and set me free from all my troubles and burdens. I believe and thank You. I receive my miracles by faith.  Amen.

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