God’s Choice

Shilpa Dhinakaran
04 Dec
How wonderful it is to be chosen by God, the creator himself! He has handpicked and chosen each one of us. He has chosen you so that you might bring forth fruit. The Lord has blessed us with various talents to use it to glorify God. Each one of us have a different mission in this world. Always be thankful. Yes, He has chosen us for a unique and special purpose.
There is a famous gospel singer known as Jamie Grace from Atlanta, USA. She was raised in a Christian family; their house was always filled with music. As a kid, even Jamie learnt how to play various instruments and sang songs to glorify God. When Jamie was 11 years old, she was diagnosed with a condition called Tourette syndrome, which made her to twitch and have uncontrollable movements in her hands and her entire body. From that moment on, it was very hard for her to play instruments and worship God. This left Jamie heartbroken and knowing that this particular syndrome did not have any cure, made her to even question if God really loved her. But Jamie never stopped using her talents to glorify God. Despite her difficulties, she never stopped singing and worshiping God. She brought forth much fruit and was a blessing to many. God blessed her efforts and raised her up to great heights. 
In the same way, God will bless every effort you take. “Your talent is God’s gift to you; what you do with it is your gift back to God - Leo Buscaglia.” He will reward you when you use your talents to glorify God. Yes, it is sometimes really hard at the beginning but the Lord himself will strengthen you and help you do your best. Bible says, “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). We also read in Isaiah 41: 9&10, the Lord has called and chosen you from the far ends of the earth. The Lord himself will strengthen you and uphold you with His righteous hand. The Lord himself will take care of you and bless you. 
Lord Jesus,

I thank You for blessing me with wonderful talents. Let me be a fruit-bearing tree. Help me to use it to glorify You. Help me to use it to touch people in every way I could. I need to be a channel of blessing to others. Thank You one more time for blessing me. In Jesus’ name I pray,


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