Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Glorious protection

Samuel Dhinakaran
16 Sep
My friend, it is a joy to share what God is speaking to you today. You would have seen the promise for today in Jesus Calls calendar or social media. It is the second part of Isaiah 4:5. It says, “Over everything, the Glory will be a canopy.” What a great promise! God’s glory will be your protection. It is abundantly coming upon you as you receive this promise.

There may be many wicked things that the devil maybe scheming against you and your family - his temptations or his deadly arrows. In Psalm 91:4-5 you can read, God will deliver you from “the terror of night and the arrow that flies by day.” It is because He covers you under His feathers and you find refuge there. That is where you will see God’s glory covering you.
I broke my heart to hear what happened to a certain man. He came and said that his own mother was doing black magic against him and his wife to destroy them and even against their child growing in his wife’s womb. Because they loved the Lord, his mother was not able to tolerate it. Today, you may also be facing this from your own family members - your own brothers, husband, or your enemies. They may be trying to destroy you with black magic or the powers of evil.  Don’t worry. Nothing will stand. No weapon formed against you will prosper, because God’s glory will be a canopy around you to protect you. Say the following prayer in faith and receive God’s glorious presence and protection right now.
My loving Heavenly Father, thank you for today’s promise. Fill my heart and my home with your mighty and glorious presence. Lord, help me to always worship you and seek after you. I claim this promise that your glory will protect me and my family. Let no arrow or wicked scheme from the devil or curse prosper. Lord, break all the powers of black magic. As I lift up your name and honor you, let me only see and be filled with your glory always. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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