Stella ramola

Everything God Has Is Yours!

Stella Ramola
27 Sep
My dear friend, it is such a joy to greet you, today. We are going to meditate on the promise verse found in Psalm 94:14 which says, “For the Lord will never forsake His inheritance.” Who is this inheritance? It is YOU, the child of God! According to this verse, God is your Heavenly Father and you are His precious child. So, everything the Lord has is yours, indeed. 

Today, are you saying that you are in desperate need of healing? Or are you longing for wisdom to run your family, your business or do your work wisely? Or are you broken by saying that you need someone to love you? My friend, are you feeling rejected, or lonely? Do you long for peace in your family and in your relationships? Or perhaps you are terrified of what your future holds for you – Would you get married to the right person? Or would you be able to get the desired promotion or the desired admission? Would you be successful in life? You may also be facing certain financial difficulties and desiring to prosper in your life. Do not be worried, my friend. God has everything you are looking for in life.
The Lord says to you, “My child, everything I have is yours.” So, take heart, my friend and be courageous! The Lord will heal your wounds with His healing power. He will heal your heart by being the Prince of Peace in your life. He will cover you with His unfailing love. He will make you stand strong and will give you, His strength. He will fill you with His wisdom by being your Wonderful Counsellor. What a joy, my friend! You are indeed the Lord’s inheritance and whatever you need today, the Lord will give them to you out of the fullness of His heart. So, rejoice that your Father in Heaven wants to give you everything He has because He will never forsake His inheritance. Continue to thank the Lord throughout today and receive this blessing.
Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your precious Word. Lord, I thank You for accepting me as Your child. Thank You, Lord, for choosing me as Your inheritance and for not forsaking me in all situations. Lord, according to Your Word, everything that You have is mine. Lord, even now, as I pray, let Your miracle-working power manifest in my life. Lord, today, I inherit Your healing, Your wisdom, Your provision and Your blessings in my life. Grant me the strength and the confidence to do anything that You have planned for me. Lord, I thank You for blessing me with everything that You have. Thank You for blessing me to the fullest of measure so that I will not lack anything in my life. Thank you for being my Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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