Stella dhinakaran

Committing To The Lord

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
02 Feb
Dear Children of God, 

In the bible, we read about our forefathers, Abraham and Daniel, they feared God and followed God’s word with great diligence and thus had a close fellowship with Him. They were mindful of God’s ways.Therefore, God remained with them always; He blessed them, honored them for their steadfast faith in Him and delivered them from their trials and suffering. As is promised in Psalm 37:5, “ Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this”.

When you are faithful to God, He honors it and blesses you. This real life incident tells us that God remembers those who are sincere: Once, there was a gentleman who  loved God greatly and held fast to His ways. But his co-workers, looking at his faith, would mock him. At one point of time, when this man and his colleagues were waiting for promotion, everybody got promoted, except him. The people who were making fun of him, knowing that he didn’t get promoted, mocked him even more. At this juncture, a senior officer, who happened to visit the office, came to know about the injustice done to this good person. Not only did he give him the due promotion but also placed him at a higher position. Thus justice was served. So, the people who scoffed at him, realized the power and greatness of his faith in God.
Dearly beloved! If you also trust the Lord firmly and faithfully, God who watches you will deliver you and exalt you. When you commit all your ways and seek direction of God, He will exalt you, just like He did for that gentleman. You should depend upon God alone for success and give Him all the glory, without relying on man. It is Lord who sympathizes with you, supports you under and brings you through your difficulties. As He does whatever He has appointed and determined shall be, and whatever He has promised, and whatever will be for His own glory and His people's good, shall come to pass.If you completely depend upon God in your work, He will “establish” your plans ( Proverbs 16:3).That is, He will “bring about” or “cause to happen” your plans. You can expect God to bring your work to fruition in God’s way and in God’s time when you depend on Him in your efforts. Part of committing your work to God, is seeking and following God’s will; when your work aligns with God’s will, then success will follow.
Loving God, I surrender each and everything in my life unto your care. I let them go once and for all.It’s my faith that you will work everything according to your will, which will be the best for me.Thank you for the joy which I will be able to walk these coming days.

In Jesus’ most precious name I pray. 

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