Stella dhinakaran

Claim Abundant Blessing Through His Name!

Sis. Stella Dhinakaran
05 Aug
My beloved friend, today is a special day because we started the Couple Esther Prayer Group (also known as CEPG) four years back on the same day. This is a prayer ministry where couples gather together to intercede and pray for the needs of other couples. Moreover, the Lord has been blessing these praying couples in an abundant measure. This is because when you pray for others, you are doing the will of God. As we start this fifth year, we rely on God to raise more couples who would intercede for other couples and in turn be blessed in an abundant measure. If you are a couple and would like to pray for others, please write to me email at [email protected]  and we will send you the prayer points so that you too can join with the other couples in prayer.

Today’s promise verse is from Isaiah 56:5 which says, “I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off.” The name of the Lord Jesus is great. Philippians 2:8 & 9 says, Lord Jesus Christ “humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death-even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted Him to the highest placeand gave Him the name that is above every name.” Likewise, Proverbs 18:10 declares,“The name of the Lord is a fortified tower;the righteous run to it and are safe.”My friend, in this great name, you will also be blessed in an abundant measure when you believe and claim this in your prayer.
Thirdly, Psalm 61:3 says, when you run to the great name Jesus Christ which is the name above all names, it shall become your refuge and a strong tower against the enemy.” Again, John 14:13,14 states whatever you ask in prayer through this mighty name, the same shall be granted by the Lord. So, my dear friend through this powerful name you will receive blessings in an abundant measure. Just pray and receive all the blessings by claiming this wonderful name.
Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You for Your wonderful and powerful name. In Your mighty name, I ask You to bless me and my family right now. As I claim in Your mighty name, Lord let all the blessings come upon my life. Hear my cry O Lord and bless me for I put my trust in Your name alone. I give You all the glory. In Jesus’ name,I pray. Amen.

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