Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Called to be a blessing

Samuel Dhinakaran
20 Feb
My friend, God has a tremendously huge blessing for you today through his promise. Get ready to receive it with your arms open wide because you will not be able to hold it. in Genesis 12:3, God said “All peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” You might be wondering how you can be a blessing to all people when you are not a blessing to even one single person. You might question how God can make you a blessing to all people on earth. This will come true my friend, just don't wonder how. God has promised to do it and he is more than able to do it.
My father was very mischievous as a young man. He was running around trying to enjoy life. However, one day, he heard the call of God in his father's message. Immediately, he knelt down, cried and surrendered his life to God. He prayed that God would make him somebody in this world. God blessed him that day and answered it. Today, many millions of people are blessed through him. Today the government leaders, common people, businessmen, company leaders are blessed through him. The poor and the suffering are blessed. God's servants are blessed too. We as a family are tremendously blessed through him. We see the blessing of God through him in countless lives and places.
Can God not do this through you today? It is your turn to answer God’s call. Today tell God that you want to become somebody in God's hands and receive the calling in the place where God has chosen you. Submit and shine in your calling my friend. God will make you useful to all people on earth. You will witness the mighty way in which God uses you when you dedicate yourself just like my father and just like Abraham in The Bible.
My loving heavenly Father,

I thank you for this promise. I dedicate my heart to receive your call to be a blessing to all people on earth. Make me somebody great in your hands. Fill me with wisdom and power. Open new ways for me in the place where you want me to shine. Take me in your hands and help me to be a blessing. Fulfill this promise Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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