Samuel Paul Dhinakaran

Believe! Your obstacles will get away!

Samuel Dhinakaran
22 Jan
My dear friend, God has a very special promise for you today. When God speaks, He is faithful to fulfill it. So, just believe it and thank Him. In Micah 2:13 we read “One who breaks open the way will go up before them.” Halleluiah! What more do you need my friend? The one who breaks open the way is going ahead of you. God is going ahead and as He goes, all the barriers are being broken and doors are thrown open. Thank God and just follow Him my friend. Yes, the barriers and obstacles may look very big today – in your studies, profession, or finances. You might be asking God what you should do. My friend, look at your situation with faith with your eyes on the One who is walking ahead of you.

Once God had asked my father to go to a certain city to preach and that He would show him wondrous works and bless the people of the city. However, as the campaign team was preparing and getting everything ready in the city, a huge crowd came to obstruct it. They even told that they would not allow the meeting to happen and stop my father. The team called my father and informed about the situation. My father prayed saying ‘Lord, You are the one who asked us to go and it is Your will. How can they stop us?’ The Lord strengthened my father’s faith and told him to certainly go. My father also informed the campaign team that the meeting will definitely happen and to continue with the preparations.
When his flight landed, my father was surprised to see government authorities waiting to welcome him! All the obstacles were gone, and he saw the great power of God moving in that meeting. This God is going ahead of you also my friend. According to this promise, boldly proclaim ‘I have no obstacles. Thank You Lord.’ You will see every locked door and blocked way open up before you. Thereby, God’s abundant blessings will flow into your life.
My loving Heavenly Father,

Thank You for today’s promise. You are the God who is faithful to keep Your promises. Lord, I ask You to break every obstacle that is stopping heaven’s blessings from reaching me.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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