Be Faithful in Little Things

Stella Ramola
01 Jul
Hello, dear friend!
It is a joy to share today’s promise with you. I invite you to meditate on the promise verse found in Matthew 25:21. It says, ‘I will make you a ruler over many things’.  Today, are you feeling like a loser saying, “I have nothing in my hands?” Are you waiting for some promotion in your job for a very long time? Do you feel stuck in the same place frustrated with not being able to achieve your dreams and goals? Are you desperate to run your family well by taking charge of it? Are you struggling to start your own business?
Take heart, my friend! When you are faithful in the small things that you are entrusted with right now, God will definitely make you ruler over many even without your knowledge. This is what happened in the life of David. Initially, he was just a shepherd. He had to take care of his sheep. But he did it with utmost care and he made sure that no harm would touch his sheep. When a lion came to attack his sheep, he killed the lion and kept his sheep safe. Yes! David was so sincere in doing what he was entrusted with. God saw his sincere heart and made him the king of the entire nation.

My friend, likewise, when you are faithful in the little, little things of your life, God will certainly make you a ruler over many. You might have awesome plans in your mind but God has greater, unimaginable blessings in store for you. So claim this verse by praying upon it. May God bless you.
Loving Father,

You know that I am waiting for the next move in my life. I pray that You will open the door so that I can move forward in my life and reach great heights for Your glory. May I receive the blessing that I am eagerly awaiting and rejoice in You. May Your blessing be upon me and make me a ruler over many things more than I have ever imagined or dreamed.
In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

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