Paul Dhinakaran

Answers To The Question Why?

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
19 Jan
Dear friend, God’s promise for today is from Isaiah 44:21, “Remember these things, Jacob, for you, Israel, are My servant. I have made you, you are My servant; Israel, I will not forget you.” Jacob and Israel are the same person. But they represent people of God whom God has chosen. The Bible says that many are called but few are chosen. So Jesus says, ‘My child, you have not chosen Me but I, Jesus have chosen you.’

God wants you to remember that God has chosen you. You have not come to Jesus but Jesus chose you and received you. He pulled you towards Him with cords of love. Just remember this and say, ‘I am a chosen vessel of God.’ You have been chosen by God Himself. So remember Him. May be you are frustrated saying, ‘Nobody loves me anymore.’ But God loves you. He says that He has chosen you. Remember it and come back to that position. Say to Him, ‘Thank you Jesus for choosing me.’
Secondly, He says, “You are My servant.” God says, ‘Whatever I have to do for the people of the world, I have to do it through you My child. I have chosen you to be My representative. So I have put My name upon you.’ When people see you they will say, ‘This is a child of Jesus.’ The devil will tremble at you because you have God’s name on your forehead. He has given you His heart of love. God has given you His revelation as to what to do. He has given you His word. God has given you His miracle-working power. You are God’s servant. So tell the Lord, ‘Let me not waste my life Lord. I will serve You faithfully. I want to serve You every second of my life. Help me to represent You hundred percent every moment of life. Let people see Jesus in me through everything I say or do or walk into.’ Don’t say, ‘I am poor. I am not fair enough. I don’t have connections or great education.’ God doesn’t need all that. You have to do His work. It is God who made you as you are. So thank Him for what you are, how you are, where you are and what is around you or who is around you. It may be a depressing situation around you but still thank God; or you might have a wonderful situation around you but still thank Him. God has made you to be His servant. Don’t thank Him for what you have or what you are, rather that you are His servant. Yes, God will not forget you. He will do everything for you and do everything through you. This is God’s promise for you today.
Loving Father,

Fulfill this promise in my life. I surrender myself into Your hands for Your purpose to be fulfilled in my life. I give You all the glory.

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

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