07 Feb

Grace to overcome!

God will be merciful if you confess sins and give them up. Even today, confess and try to give them up. Then you will become a success in your life.
06 Feb

God given authority!

Rise up my friend for Jesus the King of kings is giving you the authority to prosper. Because, He has already gone through every problem, defeated it on the cross and rose up alive, you will live also. Tune into today’s message to know more.
05 Feb

Show Me Your Glory

God’s goodness will pass before you today. You will experience the blessings of God going before you and leading you through. Tune into today’s word of blessing to claim this promise of God.
04 Feb

The truth shall set you free

When you turn to the truth, Jesus Christ, He will perfect everything for you and raise you from defeats and death. Because Jesus lives you will live also. So, Jesus, the truth, will set you free today.
03 Feb

Conquer everything with God’s help

The name of the Lord is so powerful that you can triumph anything in life. He will be there as a shepherd and protect you from everything. So fear over nothing and stay courageous.
02 Feb

God’s Hand In Everything You Do

God will be with you in every stage of life. He will sustain you and hold your hand to guide you in all your decisions. So, never give up and ask to be with you.
01 Feb

God's Mighty Wonders

God will show mighty wonders in your life. Wonders that will turn your situation around, and that is beyond your expectations. All you have to do is to believe and thank God.
31 Jan

Steadfast Mind

Let’s put our trust in our Lord Jesus, for he sees those whose minds are fixed on him and gives us the perfect peace and everything we need.
30 Jan

Overcome Every Circumstance

God will be with you in every circumstance and you will overcome every obstacle and walk over the Rough Waters in your life. His kindness will never fail to hold you.
29 Jan

You'll Walk on the High

God has seen your desperate situation and has chosen to lift you from the deep waters. He will create the best pathway wherever you go, and lead you through it.