God sets the solitary in families; he brings out those who are bound into prosperity.- Psalm 68:6

My Heavenly Father!You know how lonely I am! I come to You as a broken vessel longing for some love, care or attention.Master! You know what loneliness is, because You were despised and rejected by men when You were in this chaotic world. You were deserted by Your own people who did not even acknowledge You as Lord. O Lord! I come to You in such a state that I have no one to turn to but You! I know that You went through the agonizing path of loneliness so that I need not be lonely. I plead for Your comforting presence to fill this void in me! Stretch out Your loving hands and lift me out of the pit of loneliness.You have assured that You will neither leave nor forsake me. So I cling to You Lord - let me derive strength, comfort and consolation from Your presence. Grant me Your abundant grace that I may rejoice with joy unspeakable. I thank You for filling me with Your presence and removing this pain within me. You are always with me and I thank You for that. Continue to uphold me with Your righteous right hand. In Jesus' Name - I Pray.Amen.

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