And nothing of theirs was lacking... Nor anything which they had taken from them; david recovered all. - I Samuel 30:19

Our precious Father,I come to You with a heavy heart! Loot at my pitiable state and have compassion upon me O Lord! I fully believe in Your mercy and love for me.The Scripture says that You consider the poor and that You are a very present help in our trouble. I am in deep trouble Lord and I am totally lost. I cry out to You to uplift me from this crisis and restore my losses in double measure. I plead to You to open doors for me and help me recover everything I have lost.Forgive all my trespasses and forget them once for all. Shatter all the courses and powers of darkness that stand on my way to receive Your abundant blessings. Pour out Your richest blessings upon me O Lord and banish all my misery. I thank You in anticipation. In Jesus name I pray.Amen.

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