The Bethesda Special Blessing Meet was held at DGS Auditorium, Bethesda on the 2nd of September 2018. Thousands of people were blessed by participating in the Blessing Meeting where they witnessed healing and deliverance. The presence of God was powerful among the gathering, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit invigorated their souls.    
In the morning, the Dhinakarans ministered among the congregation of Alandurai CSI Church. Dr. Paul shared the word of God and encouraged the gathering with the comforting promises of our Lord. The believers of the church welcomed the Dhinakarans with much love and care.
The Bethesda Blessing Meet commenced at 2 pm with Brother. Samuel Paul Dhinakaran leading the gathering in a time of praise and worship. The students of Karunya supported Brother. Samuel through music to worship the Lord with all their hearts. The presence of God filled the place, and the people received the Joy of the Lord. The multitude gathered praised and thanked the Lord.
Dr. Paul Dhinakaran shared the Word of God to the participants who were eager to hear God’s Word. The Holy Spirit led Dr. Paul Dhinakaran to encourage families greatly. The Word of God truly blessed all the families as they received a heart of reconciliation. Also, he encouraged them to have their trust rooted in the Lord who takes away the stone from their lives and grants them a new life like Lazarus. The gathering praised God as Dr. Paul continued to proclaim that “God is making everything new" prophetically!
Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran led the gathering in an anointed time of prayer. Many were healed and delivered, and the work of God was evident through the hundreds of testimonies that arose at the meeting. The people were blessed tremendously and gave thanks to the Lord. God spoke through Sis. Evangeline at the Bethesda Blessing Meet, that He has compassion on his people and He is opening doors, and that all chains and bondage of the evil one will be broken. For all the tears shed, God will bless with a double measure of joy. The people rejoiced as declared in faith that ‘there will be no more tears and no more bondage!’ The Lord set them free from the spirit of bitterness, sin, fear and other forces of darkness. 'Great blessings' were the inheritance of the people who came for the Bethesda Blessing Meet.
By the end of the meeting, the Dhinakarans prayed for every individual. Nearly 5000 people lined up for the Dhinakarans to lay their hands on them and intercede with the Lord. The Lord strengthened the Dhinakarans to pray individually for all who came for the Bethesda Blessing Meet. All Glory to God!
Event Date: Sunday, September 2, 2018